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"Remarkable" - Prairie Ecosystem Consultant and Lead Advisor

Remarkable is hard at work strategizing on how to stop the poisoning of his species. He takes on enviromental consultants, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Wildlife Services, property owners and ranchers who are hell bent on killing his family members. Currently, he is working on changing legislation that labels himself and his loved ones as pests and insists on being called what he is, a keystone species. Remarkable needs your voice to amplify what he is working on. PPC meets routinely with Remarkable learning from his vast experience about what he and his prairie community need in order to continue to thrive on Colorado's prairies.
Deanna Meyer - Executive Director

Deanna is a long time environmental activist. Born and raised in Colorado, she gained a deep appreciation for the land and living communities and recognized that everyone she loved was under attack. Her love of nature prompted her move to Alaska in her early 20's to complete her college degrees in Anthropology, English and Teaching. She spent 13 years in Alaska where she advocated against nuclear proliferation and environmental toxins. On returning to Colorado, she began operating her organic farm where she grows her own food and raises beautiful goats and chickens. In 2015, she began her fight for prairie dog colonies up and down the Front Range as she launched a campaign to protect a large prairie dog colony from extermination in Castle Rock. She has been campaigning and advocating for numerous colonies ever since and intends to do whatever it takes to save this increasingly endangered species from extinction.
Susan Sommers - Board President

Susan grew up in Colorado and fell in love with prairie dogs at an early age.  A childhood surrounded by the open prairie and thousands of prairie dogs gave her a tremendous appreciation for the prairie ecosystem. The extermination of thousands of acres of prairie dog colonies, and the loss of the short grass prairie across the Front Range, drove Susan to pursue volunteering with prairie dog rescue groups over 25 years ago.  With the current laws in Colorado perpetuating the devastation of prairie dog communities, she joined Prairie Protection Colorado to advocate at a grass roots level for this imperiled keystone species. An avid animal lover, a Certified Veterinary Technician and beekeeper, Susan spends her spare time enjoying the great outdoors with her husband, and caring for her many 4-legged family members.
Mirabai Nagle - Secretary

Mirabai is a native to Colorado and is currently serving on the Boulder City Council where she plans to make big changes toward the conservation of land and wildlife.  She has been an animal and nature advocate her entire life.  As a teenager, she volunteered for a no-kill animal rescue.  She attended the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder, and attended graduate school in California, where she became a Graduate Gemologist.  She works in her family business selling fine jewelry, crystals and minerals.  When she is not working, she is a volunteer fire fighter, and sits on two non-profit, 501c3 boards for animal rescues and conservation. . Mirabai has been a lifelong lover of prairie dogs.  Her goal is to change the laws, making any form of poisoning illegal and more stringent requirements for relocation if a colony is in danger of having their land developed.

Fred Gibson- Board Member

Fred is an environmental and social justice activist. Having lived in Colorado off and on since 1970, he has witnessed the native beauty and biological diversity of the Front Range, as well as its ongoing destruction. He is determined to reverse that trend. Although relatively new to activism, Fred participated in the initial Castle Rock Prairie Dog campaign, and has joined similar efforts in Oak Flat, AZ and the Great Basin, NV among others. An Organizational Psychologist by training, Fred offers his experience to building effective leadership and organizational capacity to groups that resist the killing of the planet.