1. Managing Director
Keith Lattimore Walsh: PPC's Graphic Designer:

Keith has been working with animal rights issues since the age of 17, beginning in California, helping to create a wildlife sanctuary for native birds and animals in wetlands adjacent to Huntington Beach. Keith achieved a MS in Structural Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona in 1990. Keith filled out his career in engineering working with a NASA subcontractor, designing parts for the ISS and Interplanetary Spacecraft. Keith moved to Colorado in 2009 because of his love of nature and his desire to learn all he can about both animal and plant life. Keith immediately became charmed by the prairie dogs in his chosen neighborhood. He became increasingly alarmed at the vast developments in the area and the treatment and destruction of wildlife. He has been concerned about prairie dog colonies in Colorado that could meet the same demise unless development takes strides to relocate rather than destroy the last few remaining colonies along Colorado's Front Range.