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Derrick Jensen

Hailed as the philosopher poet of the environmental movement, Derrick Jensen is author of more than twenty-five books, including Endgame and A Language Older Than Words. He holds a degree in creative writing from Eastern Washington University, a degree in mineral engineering physics from the Colorado School of Mines, and has taught at Eastern Washington University and Pelican Bay State Prison. He has packed university auditoriums, conferences, and bookstores across the nation, stirring them with revolutionary spirit.
Sandy Nervig

Sandy has been an environmental and animal rights activist for over 20 years. Fighting to stop the never-ending prairie dog colony killings along Colorado’s Front Range led her to become a prairie dog relocator. She was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, where her love for the mountains and prairies began. After nine years in Washington state where she obtained a business degree, Colorado called her home and she earned a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Colorado Denver. The adoption of her baby Amazon parrot (daughter!) opened her eyes to how intelligent and amazing animals are and inspired her love for prairie dogs and all wildlife. Saving hundreds of endangered prairie dogs every year, each one precious and special, is an ongoing endeavor.