Help Ban the Hunting and Trapping of Bobcats in Colorado!! What You Can Do!!

Colorado's Bobcats NEED your help. On May 9th, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commissioners' will hear a citizen's rule changing petition that will ask the commissioners to ban the hunting and trapping of bobcats. You can read the proposed rule change here:

Petition To Prohibit Recreational and Commercial Trapping and Hunting of Bobcats in Colorado

1.  We need all of you who care to write a letter in support of this citizen's petition to help support this prohibition! The following flyer gives you directions on where to send it to, and what you should write about. If you need a template, you can copy and paste the following:

Dear Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commissioners,

I am writing in support of the citizen petition referencing the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regulations: Chapter W-03 - Furbearers and Small Game.

I am in full support of prohibiting recreational and commercial trapping and hunting of bobcats in Colorado. Allowing for an unlimited take of bobcats without having reliable populations statistics lacks sound management techniques. Please support this citizen petition and provide protections for bobcat populations throughout Colorado.

Thank you for taking my concerns into consideration and I hope you will listen to citizens of this state and abroad and pass this citizen petition.


2.  Attend the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commissioners' Meeting in Grand Junction, Thursday, May 9 at the Courtyard Marriot, and visit our event page here:

​Please help us save Colorado's Bobcats!!